This time we will offer you the acne solution, the idea is to clean the sebum from the skin, there are a wide variety of brands that offer special cleaners for people who suffer from acne since their skin is more delicate due to the injuries they present. These products avoid aggravating injuries and the appearance of more injuries, avoiding marks or scars.

That is why we leave you our three favorite products recommended for cleaning the face when you suffer from acne, but it is worth highlighting and reminding you that it is important to follow the instructions of your specialist and the steps reflected on the product label, the idea is to apply it correctly and make the most of its benefits.



Renewing SA Face Cleanser for Normal Skin by CeraVe


Price: $12.99

This product is suitable for skin that is rough and bumpy, also for when the skin is prone to keratosis pillars, it contains 3 ceramides that are essential to restore a natural barrier of the skin also helps lock moisture in the skin for 24 hours. It locks in moisture and its formula does not contain physical exfoliants. Besides that you will be hydrating your skin, it clears up acne thanks to the salicylic acid it has.


Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam


Price: $22.5

It also works as a make-up remover, this formula is gentle and at the same time foamy, it effectively fights pimples and prevents skin breakouts without irritating your skin, this product will make your skin feel beautiful and fresh after wearing it. Although its formula is foamy, you will not feel discomfort when using it and it will not dry out.


Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Face Wash & Cleanse


Price: $8.49-$9.99

Its formula contains grapefruit, vitamin C, and salicylic acid, this cleanser does not contain oils and acts against breakouts, and helps to even out the marks left by acne. Salicylic acid treats and helps prevent breakouts, and helps eliminate blackheads, removes oil from your face and impurities, and it does not dry out the skin

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