Charles & Keith is an elite fashion house founded in 1996, touting creative designs for not only handbags, but all kinds of shoes for all occasions to pair with your clothes. If you’re looking for the right handbags that’ll act as the cherry on top of your outfit on a night out or for a professional event or business meeting, this list is the one for you. These handbags are versatile and can go with anything. Here are the 3 best Charles Keith Women Handbags for you to buy right now.


Sculptural Bag (White Or Nude)


Price: $46

If you’re a fan of the arts, sculptures or anything with a creative form factor, this handbag is a match for you. Thanks to its triangular body and its body that won’t fold on itself, this is a modern and minimalist handbag design that’s spacious for a smaller women’s purse. You can choose to use its small leather handle as an actual handbag, or turn it into a shoulder bag that’ll help you feel a little more unencumbered with its stylish strapped design. Buy this handbag for just $46.00.


Taupe Stone Embellished Trapeze Bag (Taupe Or Black)


Price: $76

This feminine trapeze bag is all about giving you that extra space. Thanks to its designs that pop out at the sides, you’ve got extra room for all your everyday needs. Its stylish and gem encrusted clasp will catch the eyes of handbag enthusiasts all over. On the clasp is a wonderful and glimmering square stone that puts a finishing touch on the entire bag. For women that want a subtle but stylish option, you can pick the taupe variant. For those that appreciate a more formal and elegant look, the faux black leather option is all the rage. Pick this one up for $76.00.


Printed Circular Flap Trapeze Bag (Mint, Taupe Or Teal)


Price: $83

This bag in mint is the cutest most colorful handbag on this list, making images of watermelons come to mind with its colorful form factor and how the colors are divided and all separated. The circular strap clasps make it a statement piece for women that appreciate a youthful look versus the traditional leather and black handbag staple. Its chain-shaped straps make it a creative and unique option. Pick the other color variants taupe or teal for a more serious and formal look. Buy it for $83.00 and get an extra strap to replace the chain.

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