We could all use a little help when it comes to cleaning our homes. It is great to get friends or family members to pitch in to help but that is not always an option. This is why robotic vacuums are so handy. Robotic vacuums can be set to run while you are away running errands, working, or just enjoying yourself. You can control your robot vacuum with your smartphone. There are many robot vacuums to choose from but this guide will help you choose the one that is best for you.


Eufy by Anker G 30



Price: $319.99

The suction power of this vacuum makes it a rockstar of robot vacuums. It picks up dust and debris with ease as it navigates from room to room. But, that is not all that it has to offer. It is super quiet which is definitely a plus.

* Smart dynamic navigation 2.0.
* Enhanced pathway cleaning- Ensures that all of your floors get clean.
* Ideal for hardwood, tile, laminate, and medium-pile carpets.
* Not recommended for high-pile or dark carpets.
* 12-month product support- They stand behind their product.
* Controlled with your smartphone.
* Boost IQ increases suction power when it is detected that it is needed.


Roborock E 4



Price: $269.99

The long-lasting battery power of this vacuum makes it a top pick of robot vacuums. It can vacuum 2.152 square feet on a single charge. It takes 10 percent less time than most robot vacuums to clean your home making it more energy-efficient.

* Large dust bin- You will have to empty the dust bin less often.
* Increased suction cups- More powerful suction will give you dazzling floors.
* Cliff sensors- It easily navigates from one surface to another and adjusts to clean the new surface.
* Compatible with Alexa- You can control your vacuum with your voice through your Alexa.
* Controlled with your smartphone.
* Works on all floor types.


Neato Robotics D 4



Price: $349.99

The laser navigation technology of this vacuum makes it a clear choice of robotic vacuums. The lasers keep the vacuum from bumping into things a problem that plagues many robotic vacuums.

* Compatible with Alexa- Connect with your Alexa device to control your vacuum with the sound of your voice.
* Bigger brushes- More surface area is getting cleaned in less time.
* 360-degree view even in the dark.
* The high-performance filter traps tiny particles and 99 percent of dust mites.
* Works on any floor type.
* Controlled with your smartphone.

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