Having a lost pet even if only for a short amount of time causes so much distress for us as well as for them. Getting a GPS tracker for your pet will let you know where your pet is at all times so you will no longer have to worry about locating your furry friend. There is a multitude of GPS pet trackers on the market. Look no further. Our guide will show you the top three GPS trackers for your pet.


Tractive LTE Pet Tracker



Price: $49.99

We just love the virtual fence feature of this tracker. You can set boundaries that are safe for your pet to be like for instance your yard. If your pet leaves your yard you will be notified.

* Real-time live tracking and location history
* Water-proof
* World-wide location tracking
* Activity tracker- Track your pets activity, rest time, and sleep
* Tractive app for IOS, Android, or any browser on your PC
* Subscription plan needed
* Virtual fence- Set safe spaces and boundaries for your pet
* For pets over 9 pounds
* Track calories burned and set fitness goals for your pet
* Battery life of two to five days


Jiobit (1st Gen.) Pet Tracker



Price: $99.99

We love that this tracker can be used on pets of any size and that it fits practically any size collar. You can also clip it onto things other than the collar.

* For pets of any weight range
* Jiobit app for IOS, Android, or PC
* Subscription plan needed
* Water-proof and durable
* Help keep your pet in good shape with the calories burned tracker
* Set safe zones and get notified when your pet leaves the safe zone
* Monitor your pet’s activity, rests, and sleep
* lightweight and can attach to multiple items
* live tracking and location history


FitBark Pet Tracker



Price: $99.95

We just love the long battery life of this tracker. The battery life can last from 10 days to as long as 20 days.

* For pets from 5 pounds- 240 pounds
* Water-proof
* Help keep your pet fit with the activity tracker
* live tracking and location history tracking
* Compatible with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Google Watch
* Subscription plan needed
* Get escape alerts and find your pet quickly
* Set ideal goals based on breed, age, sex, and weight
* Manage the overall health of your pet on the FitBark app.
* The tracker can be used on cats but the software is not optimized for cats

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