You probably already know that fake eyelashes make your eyes look beautiful. What you may not know is that they also help your natural eyelashes to grow and become more healthy. Mascara can make your natural lashes brittle which leads to broken and unhealthy lashes. Lucky for your there are lots of choices to choose from when looking for the best fake lashes. In fact, there are so many brands to choose from that it may cause you to ask, which fake eyelashes are the best? Read further to find out.


Ardell Natural 105 Black


Price: $9.89

These lashes are made of human hair and are so soft. They are just the right length and weight. They are very dramatic but are natural-looking enough to be worn day and night. They are also reusable which is definitely a bonus.

* 100% cruelty-free
* Made from human hair
* Reusable
* Looks great on any eye shape
* Baby doll look
* All-natural
* Dynamic Eyelashes


Eylure Natural No. 003


Price: $3.49

Great for first-time users or inexperienced users because they are so easy to apply. The soft natural feel of these lashes is very gentle on your eyes. But, don’t let that fool you. They are gorgeous and will make your eyes really stand out.

* Invisible band- Application looks natural
* Easy application
* Includes glue
* Reusable
* Great for sensitive eyes
* Light-weight and natural look
* All-natural materials
* Premium eyelashes


Veleasha 5D Faux Mink Lashes


Price: $9.58

Luxurious is the first word that comes to mind with these lashes. The look and the feel of them are just luxurious. They can be worn as everyday lashes as well as night on the town lashes. They are also reusable up to seven to ten times which is awesome.

* Made from high-quality material
* Cruelty-free
* Soft like real eyelashes
* Shiny and bold
* Light and feathery feel
* Glamorous everyday eyelashes

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