It is no secret to anyone that light is a powerful ally for many things, for us women use it either for tanning or to sculpt our face in favor of it. The use of highlighters has been a trend in recent years, as they are perfect for outlining and highlighting certain parts of the face. Thanks to the progress of the brands we can achieve it in many presentations, whether in liquid formulas, cream, powder with bright pigments.

That is why we present you below this list with our 3 favorite popular highlighter for makeup for 2021, so go ahead, keep reading and find out:

Disclaimer: if you are one of those people who are not a fan of glitter, do not bother to buy it.


Highlighter Diamond Bomb by Fenty Beauty


Price: $39

It is inevitable to be amazed when we try this highlighter, the first time I tried it was on my wrist and the effect it gives is wonderful. This new highlighter formula has been created by the superstar Rihanna, it has a high concentration of sparkling particles that will make you shine wherever you go. Everyone will need to wear sunglasses to distinguish you (just kidding). It is perfect for your whole body and the texture of this highlighter is buttery and you could not stop using it, so use it wisely so that you do not walk shining and saturating with more.


Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter


Price: $45

The Huda brand has designed this palette with warm-toned highlighters with the simple goal of achieving beautiful and perfect results on any skin type. It brings an iridescent cream along with three shades of adjustable and pearlescent powders that will give you the possibility to create the perfect makeup for the night and a more delicate one for the day. This is Pink Sands, which is perfect for fair skin, Golden Sands, for medium tones, and Bronze Sands for darker tones.


NARS Cosmetics Illuminator in Copacabana


Price: $33.43-$50.43

This highlighter in liquid form from NARS gives life and juiciness to your skin. The way this product gives you a natural finish and versatile skin is by applying it together with your makeup base for an ultra-luminous finish. And its high concentration formula allows you to spend more time on your face.

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