Some of us can’t afford persona trainers, so we look toward the next best thing we have access to, workout regimens, programs or guidelines online. We may not have personal trainers, but once given the tools, we can train ourselves. Put on your exercise gloves and prepare to sweat right in your own home. As long as you hold yourself accountable, nothing is impossible and weight loss becomes achievable. If this is also your conundrum, then this list is for you. Here are the 3 best online lose weight program 2021.




No Equipment, Suitable For Beginners.

Darebee is a website that does not just offer workout options for people with equipment, but they also offer them for people without. Who says you need equipment to lose weight? This 30-day routine is great for people who only have minimal time in their day for exercise but still want to workout despite not having equipment.

This bodyweight training regimen teaches you exactly how to perform the moves while mapping up just how many ties you need for each rep. You can download the pdf format so it can be on your phone wherever you are.


Alo Moves


Price: $20/Month Or $199/Year

This is an online class for people that want to learn and get into yoga, meditation, pilates and many other meditative workout types. You can go by the workout videos to create your own routine, or be taught by world class teachers and classes or lessons. All of the workouts are outfitted for each difficulty level for everyone.

Whether you’re a veteran or someone that’s still learning, Alo moves, will help you with your journey. Apply for the 14 day free trial and give it a try before fully committing to the program.


Obe Fitness


Choose from 5,482 on-demand classes

This fitness program gives you unlimited access to the best fitness professionals in New York City. You can have the best instructors in your home to guide you on your fitness journey. There are also live classes that are scheduled that you can log into as if it were a real life fitness class. They have various workout options for the amount of free time you have.

These classes are focused on high-impact but low-intensity workouts for varying fitness levels. If you’re looking for an added challenge, Obe also sells their own workout equipment for those looking to get the most out of their daily exercise.

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