Juicers are now a part of a health-conscious person’s morning routines and kitchens. They make fruits and vegetables easier and quicker to consume by extracting the juices of the healthiest food options. So if you’re looking for all these things in your juicer, here are the 3 best juicer machines in 2021.


Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus



Price: $249.95

This juicer is for people that don’t like the prep work that comes with preparing your fruits and vegetables to be juiced. This juicer can fit whole fruits and eliminates the need for the arduous task of pre slicing. After juicing, they all still turned out a smooth ad without any pulp, sweet and with no flavor from the seeds. With the juicer comes a huge pitcher, so you never have to portion or have fruits leftover. This juicer is priced at $249.95.


Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Big Mouth 2 Speed Juice Extractor



Price: $75.24 (You Save: $23.76)

This juicer is so much simpler and so much more affordable than a Breville machine at $99.00, but that doesn’t mean that it’s lesser than. This juicer is easy to use, easy to assemble, and produces smooth juices. This machine may be on the louder side, but it is straightforward in its functionality. The best part is you won’t have a bad time cleaning it, as it makes it so easy and safe.


Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer



Price: $499

Have you ever wanted a little more pulp in your juices so as to relish the natural nourishment you can gain from every sip? This juicer allows you to control that. This juicer allows you to have a more natural green taste to whatever you’re juicing. It has a simpler and smaller form factor while compensating for that with height, so you’ll have no trouble fitting it in your kitchen. It’s priced at $499.00.

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